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  • Textile Art first cycle/BA level

Birgitta Nordström  is an artist and weaver with a MFA from the University of Gothenburg. Since 2008 she is a senior lecturer at the Academy of Design and Crafts (HDK). Parallel with her lecturing she is working with commissions for public and sacred spaces. Her current research focuses on textiles, rites and death –  especially woven textiles for funerals and moments of loss.

“I exist in the ritual space - that is where I continue to explore. We fold, we swaddle, we pack, roll, twine and bind. Thread, weft and cloth.”


I ritens rum – om mötet mellan tyg och människa


I sin linda


Birgitta Nordström

birgitta.nordstrom [at] hdk.gu.se
+46(0)31-786 48 95
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Textile art


Birgitta Nordström

Comfort Blanket

Funeral blanket woven in double weave Material linen, wool and stainless steel

Comfort Blanket detail

Photographer: Peder Hildor

Dress for an Amazon

Sculpture wowen in linen, size: 3,55 m, year 2005

Friend's Feet

A serie of nine sculptures made for the exhibition project "Sixth Senses" in Dalarna 2007

Friend's feet, detail 2007

Material: Reindeer skin and pins

Belongings for the last journey