• Administration

I have been working at HDK since 1990. I have held a number of different posts in the administration of studies through the years, working in the Student Office and as Coordinator for the Design Programme. I have also deputized as Director of Studies and Head of the Design programme.

I was appointed as International Coordinator in the autumn of 2005.

The work involves first and foremost providing information and answering questions about admissions and entry requirements for exchange studies. In my role as International Coordinator, I am in contact with schools and colleges outside Sweden, and I prepare exchange agreements and applications from incoming and outgoing students. I also provide support for teachers and personnel within the framework of the School’s international cooperation enterprises.

Before I came to HDK, I studied civics, history and art history at the University of Gothenburg and I also attended a basic course in photography in Stockholm. After completing my studies, I worked at the Department of Art History for a number of years with responsibility for the Department’s Picture Archives and Library.


Anki Leissner

anki.leissner [at] hdk.gu.se
+46(0)31-786 48 72
Skype: hdkankileissner
International Coordinator. Incoming exchange students and staff.