Open to the world

”I wanted to go to HDK because  it's a school with an open mind, which gives students the possibility to develop their own ideas. The time here has given me totally new perspectives on how to combine art and textile design.”

Exchange student from Slovenia

School of Design and Crafts is often called HDK, an abbreviation of the Swedish name. We are almost 170 years old, so you've probably heard of some of our alumni. HDK is a part of the University of Gothenburg, one of the major Universities in Europe and Sweden's first Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts.

We care about each other, about what's happening in society and we want to make an impact. Among other things, we do this by cooperating with companies, organizations, municipalities, cultural institutions and other educational programmes. We also do this by encouraging both students and staff to have international contacts and exchanges. HDK has a big international network.

Most of the teachers at HDK combine their work at the university with their own artistic creativity or running a business. We also have many interesting visiting lecturers. Both the school and the students thereby gain direct contact with the realities of the professional life.


”I was impressed by the projects and the co-operation with the industry. In my home school most of the projects are only based inside the school.”

Exchange student from Australia

The cooperations we engage in should be relevant for the students/ PhD students education or contribute to research. Amongst our long term partners you'll find the Röhsska Museum, Ågrenska and The School of Economics, Business and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

Here, you can see some examples of our cooperation projects with partners. We cooperate in many different ways: Sometimes the co-operation is with one educational programme at the school, other times with several programmes or with the whole school.
We also cooperate with different kinds of partners: companies and municipalities as well as organizations and other schools.