Independent studies

Independent studies

SPRING 2018 Craft and Design with Specialisation in Wood 2

Craft and Design with Specialisation in Wood 2, 30 hec


This is a freestanding continuation course where you as a student have the opportunity to conduct your own in-depth project study or participate in various projects and operations within existing educational programs that are linked to the material wood. 

In the course, you will have the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of woodworking materials and techniques and apply these in your own artistry in one or several independent projects. In the independent projects, you will explore and examine various woodworking methods and techniques, both in terms of proficiency and expression, through different assignments and themes that use the concepts of materials, body and space as a starting point. You will be given the means for developing working methods and reflection on your own work and for communicating your choice of methods, both in writing and orally. The presentations are an important part of the course, as the ongoing work is presented and discussed on a regular basis. The course also includes lectures and practice exercises with supervision, workshops and reviews.

The course is part of the international environment at the Academy of Design and Crafts at Steneby. Much of the teaching, such as lectures and supervision, is in English.  If you are Swedish-speaking, you can, if you wish, perform many modules in Swedish. All texts can be written in Swedish. Applications can be submitted in Swedish or English.

The course is held at the Academy of Design and Crafts at Steneby in Dals Långed. Admissions are made subject to availability in our workshops.

Entry requirements: student who has previously received 30 hec in the course Craft and Design with Specialisation in Wood, SBTTT3, or equivalent.
Selection: Selection is based on work samples.
Period: The course is offered on a full-time basis during the 2018 spring semester (weeks 03-22).


You apply for the course on and submit all documentation that is needed to show you fulfill the entry requirement. It is very important you submit complete documentation. Read more about Documenting your eligibility.

If you are not a Swedish citizen or are a Swedish citizen living abroad you either have to provide proof you are exempted from paying the application fee, or pay the application fee. Read more about the Application fee

If you are not a Swedish citizen or are a Swedish citizen living abroad you either have to provide proof you are exempted from paying the application fee, or pay the application fee. Read more about the Application fee

  1. Register for the course at Last day for registration: October 16, 2017
  2. Send your work samples in our system DAP Last day to submit work samples: October 23, 2017

An application is not valid without proper Submitted portfolio (complete application steps 1 and 2).

Work samples

The work sample is submitted as a digital portfolio in our system DAP.

When you submit your portfolio you will receive a confirmation email. Be sure to check that you have received the email, otherwise your portfolio has not been properly submitted.

We recommend that you begin creating your portfolio in good time. DAP closes at midnight deadline, and we can provide technical support until 18 pm the same day.

User's Guide DAP here.

The work sample for this course will consist of:

  1. Letter of Intent - 1 slide The letter of intent/written statement describing your purpose for attending the course.
  2. 5 images (1 slide/image) showing your own work.

The work samples is assessed on the basis of knowledge and skills regarding materials and techniques as well as development potential.

Selection and admission

All complete applications are assessed by a jury consisting of the course coordinator and eventual other representatives from the department. The jury ranks the applicants. Your academic qualifications are assessed by the University’s Admissions Office.  If you do not fit the entry requirement, your application is made unqualified. 

If you are not formally qualified the jury has the possibility of making exemptions from the formal requirements, if they have ranked your portfolio high and considers your background to be equal that of the entry requirement. This is done on the initiative of the jury - the applicant cannot ask for this assessment to be made.

Further information

Key dates for this admission period can be found on Universityadmissions – Key dates.


Before the start of the course published information reading list, schedule and welcome GUL (University of Gothenburg's learning platform) open sides.

Course coordinator

Karl-Johan Ekeroth karl-johan.ekeroth [at]


If you have questions about the course please contact course coordinator.

Here we have put together frequently asked questions and answers concerning international applicants. If you cannot find the answer to your question under FAQ please send an e-mail to: hdkadmission [at]

Image: Petter Olsson