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HDK student Elina Nilsson is awarded the Carl Larsson scholarship for 2017

HDK student Elina Nilsson on the master program Child Culture Design, is awarded the Carl Larsson scholarship for 2017.

"It feels great fun to receive a scholarship for something I have worked with during my education. The scholarship gives me the opportunity to further develop the work during the fall and maybe further on", says Elina Nilsson.

The motivation: Over the years, Elina has deepened her knowledge and demonstrated great commitment, both for the subject and for her teammates. With well-founded choices and precision, she has studied the interface between design and child culture where a practical survey goes hand in hand with a theoretical reference. The images showcase themes like the open game where fantasy and creativity can take place but at the same time problematises the boundaries that can limit the play's potential.

The scholarship will be awarded at a ceremony in Ohlinsalen at the Academy of Music and Drama on Wednesday May 31.