Independent studies

Independent studies

AUTUMN 2017 Individual Exploring Project, 15 hec

Advanced Individual Exploring Project, 15 hec


As a practitioner or student of design or a related field, you have an opportunity to take part in an individual project incorporating an artistic exploring approach to design during the summer semester. The project may involve experimenting with materials and methods as well as problematizing concepts of what design is and should be able to be.

This is a full-time course, with four physical meetings at HDK in Gothenburg. In connection with the start of the course, you will be assigned a supervisor based on your submitted letter of intent (see below). This supervisor will follow you throughout the project.

In addition to the individual supervision, instruction is given in seminar form with a group supervisor. During the seminars, the project is discussed on the basis of the participants’ experiences, drawing on their own practical work.

The course consists of practical individual project work as well as written work in the form of reflection on the individual’s own project results and the process of achieving these results.

The course is intended for those who have access to their own workplace / studio. You have access to the digital workshop at HDK until June 16th and after August 21st. All other workshops at HDK are closed during the summer semester.

An exploring approach, along with training to enhance creativity, is what we mean by education with an artistic basis. The exploring approach centres around curiosity and openness to opportunities that reveal themselves in the process and the ability to handle uncertainty in the exploration.

Entry requirements and application

Admission requirements: Those eligible to attend the course are students with a bachelor’s degree specialising in design, architecture, art or equivalent knowledge. In addition, an approved portfolio is required.

Selection: Selection is based on portfolio/work samples.

Period: 2017 summer semester 6/6-27/8. The mandatory meetings take place in June and August.


You apply for the course on and submit all documentation that is needed to show you fulfill the entry requirement. It is very important you submit complete documentation. Read more about Documenting your eligibility.
If you are not a Swedish citizen or are a Swedish citizen living abroad you either have to provide proof you are exempted from paying the application fee, or pay the application fee. Read more about the Application fee

  1. Register for the course Universityadmissions Deadline for application: The course is open for late application until all seats are filled. 
  2. Submit your portfolio in our DAP system. Deadline to submit portfolios: The course is open for late application. Applications are processed sequentially after steps 1 and 2 are completed. If space remains, applications must be submitted up until mid-May 2017.

Portfolio/work samples

Submit your portfolio digitally in our DAP system.

When you submit your portfolio, you will receive a confirmation email. Be sure to check that you have received the email; otherwise your portfolio has not been properly submitted.


User manual for DAP here.

The portfolio for this course is to consist of:

  1. CV - 1 slide. Describe relevant experience related to exploring projects and to design practice from both education and professional work.
  2. Letter of Intent - 1 slide. The letter of intent describes what you plan to work with for the project during the course.
  3. Images - 5 slides, 1 image per slide. Five images representing your work.

Applicants are ranked based on the criteria of Experience and Motivation. We assess your potential for being able to assimilate the education through your experience and level of exploring projects and design practice as well as your motivation for attending the course.

Selection and admission

All complete applications are assessed by a jury consisting of the course coordinator and eventual other representatives from the department. The jury ranks the applicants. Your academic qualifications are assessed by the University’s Admissions Office.  If you do not fit the entry requirement, your application is made unqualified. 

If you are not formally qualified the jury has the possibility of making exemptions from the formal requirements, if they have ranked your portfolio high and considers your background to be equal that of the entry requirement. This is done on the initiative of the jury - the applicant cannot ask for this assessment to be made.

Further information

Key dates for this admission period can be found on Universityadmissions – Key dates.

Before the start of the course published information reading list, schedule and welcome GUL (University of Gothenburg's learning platform) open sides.

Course coordinator

Anna Eklind anna.eklind [at]


If you have questions about the course please contact course coordinator

Here we have put together frequently asked questions and answers concerning international applicants. If you cannot find the answer to your question under FAQ please send an e-mail to: hdkadmission [at]

Image by Ola Kjelbye