Matilda Ekdahl – årets favorit hos Konsthantverkarna

Since 2015 Konsthantverkarna distributes the award "Årets favorit" [This year's Favorite] to highlight a post-graduate student from one of the country's arts and crafts courses. This year's recipient is Matilda Ekdahl for Infiltrated, her thesis from Crafts and Design, HDK at Steneby.

In her work Matilda Ekdahl examines how used coffee filters can be used as a material. Through collecting, sorting and stacking she found a number of possibilities and has created both temporary geometric patterns and a wearable dress of filters.  

- By the collecting it has become possible for me to create freely. My curiosity over a used, dried coffee filter has taken me across borders and areas I did not think I find, she says.

Until November 13 Matilda Ekdahl works appears in a window exhibition at Konsthantverkarna at Slussen.