Ida Sundin Asp - nominated to The August Prize

HDK-alumnae Ida Sundin Asp's book "Idag vet jag inte vem jag är" [Today I don't know who I am] is nominated to The August Prize - one of the most celebrated and prestigious literary prizes in Sweden. 

Among this year's nominations are poverty, the longing for love and, not least, a hopeful dementia portrayal intermingled"Idag vet jag inte vem jag är" is a subtle, sad and humorous picture book for children about dementia.

The book tells of a forgetful grandfather, that is inspired by Ida Sundin Asp's own grandfather who suffered from dementia for much of her childhood. The idea behind it is to allow discussions about different types of memory loss for both adults and children.

The grandchild acts as a guide to the demented self in the book and highlights both existential issues and the difficulty of being kin as comic and hopeful reflections.

"Idag vet jag inte vem jag är" is Ida Sundin Asp's first book. On The August Gala on November 28 at the Concert Hall in Stockholm, three of the 18 nominated books will be rewarded with the prestigious award

All the nominees in the category Årets svenska barn- och ungdomsbok:

”I dag vet jag inte vem jag är”, Ida Sundin Asp

”Ormbunkslandet”, Elin Bengtsson

”Tio över ett”, Ann-Helén Laestadius

”Oj, en polis”, Eva Lindström

”Djur som ingen sett utom vi”, Ulf Stark och Linda Bondestam

”Åka buss”, Henrik Wallnäs och Matilda Ruta