Independent studies

Independent studies

Spring 2016 Master studies in Crafts, one semester

Master studies in Crafts with specialization in Ceramic Art, Jewellery Art or Textile Art.

This year we offer a possibility for students to follow the Master Programme in Crafts during a one semester course. Your specialization may be Ceramic Art, Jewellery Art or Textile Art. The course is based on your own artistic project and includes individual supervision, exhibition, text seminars, discussions and more. Your background may consist of Bachelor studies in Crafts in Sweden or abroad, or you may have long professional experience and carry a wish for further education.    

Course structue
You attend the classes in the first study-year of the Crafts Programme, advanced level with specialization in Ceramic Art, Jewellery Art or Textile Art. The course starts September, 1 2013 and ends at  January, 10 2014.
Please find out more about the Crafts Programme advanced level.

Entry requirements
Bachelor degree in Crafts or equally valid qualifications. If you do not have a Bachelor degree we may evaluate your artistic work and other qualifications in order to see if they meet the requirements for studies at advanced level.

Selection criteria
The selection is based on your portfolio containing CV, letter of intent and 5 to 10 photographic presentations/images of your work.

If you have any questions about the course please contact gunilla.grahn [at]

The application follows two steps September 15 to October 15:

  • 1. Make an online application, klick this link to go to the on-line application at The information is only availible in Swedish, if you have any problem with your application please feel free to contact hdkadmission [at]
  • 2. Send your project description, work samples and CV to HDK through our online service DAP. Information about DAP is to be downloaded on this website to the right. Make sure you load up your material for the right course, since DAP is used for a variety of courses at HDK.

If you have any questions about the application or entry requirements send an email to hdkadmission [at]

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