Four alumni from HDK awarded with the Eric Ericson scholarship

Four recently graduated students from the master programme in Crafts has recieved 100 000 SEK each as they were awarded the Eric Ericson scholarship. The students are Ea Ten Kate (textile art), Lisa Andersson (ceramic art), Rebecka Larsdotter Jonsson (ceramic art) och Emil Österholm (ceramic art).

A total of 17 scholarships were awarded to students at the Facultuty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg.

The Eric Ericson foundation was instituted in the mid 1960’s as a resultat of the last will of an art interested individual in Gothenburg. The scholarships can not be applied for, it is the Foundation's Board of Directors who independantly appoints scholarship holders with the help of a group of former teachers at the city's art schools.

Congratulations to the scholarship winners!

See the slideshow above right to take part of pictures from their graduation projects 2015. All photos are taken by Emanuel Cederqvist.

You can also read more about their graduation projects here:
Ea ten Kate
Lisa Andersson
Rebecka Larsdotter Jonsson
Emil Österholm