Karin Johansson at Klimt02 Gallery in Barcelona

HDK Alumn, Visiting Professor, Karin Johansson Friday Afternoon

HDK Alumn and Visiting professor in Jewellery at HDK – Karin Johansson – holds an Exhibition at Klimt02 Gallery in Barcelona, called New Places. The exhibition contents a series of necklaces by the artist.

In conjunction with the opening of the exhibition Karin will also present her new book "Collecting Butterflies”.

As citizens we understand our city by the visual fragments that are printed in our brain, kind of memories of it giving us a personal vision of where we live. A color, a smell, an architectonic detail... become abstract forms that explain our perception of the space we inhabit.

(…) In the beginning, a variety of many-colored images of a city: meeting points, streets, people, blue skies, night and day. Staying in a playful mood, capturing the pulse, the movement, or the silence. Sketching, cutting paper, creating a map of sorts in my studio, micro and macro at once as my perspective. I give each element its shape, assigning it a size and its place, connecting it further to circle in something of this scene. Having it all transform into a necklace seemed only most obvious to me: no up, no down, wrapped around me, playing, constantly detouring in new directions. (…)

Wearing the object, I become the inhabitant of the new place.

Karin Johansson

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Klimt02 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain