Design research prize to Martín Ávila

Martin Avila. Devices. On Hospitality, Hostility and Design.

In April 2012 Martín Ávila defended his doctoral thesis Devices. On Hospitality, Hostility and Design. Now he has received a research prize from the Swedish Faculty of Design Research and Research Education for his thesis.

The prize, founded by Swedish Design & Research Network and of 10.000 SEK, was handed over at a ceremony at the Museum for Architecture on October 1.

From the jury's motivation:
"In an interdisciplinary and deep manner, Martín Ávila develops the understanding for the design process and the ecological complexity of artifacts. This makes the thesis an important contribution to the discussion on sustainability.The thesis combines literary, philosophical and design theoretical discourses and traditions with experimental design in a new way. This results in a more precise terminology and use of terms that may be of great importance to future design work."

Mette Agger Eriksen was the other receiver of the design research prize for her thesis Material Matters in Co-designing, Formatting & Staging with Participating Materials in Co-design Projects, Events & Situations.

The Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Research Education is a national center for design research based at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Currently the faculty is hosting 48 doctoral students from 12 of its 20 member institutions throughout Sweden.

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