Independent studies

Independent studies

Play, Perception and Culture, 30 HEC

Aida Abolahrar MA degree work 2011

This course is part of the Master programme in Design, Child culture design. The course is also given as an independent course for students with a Bachelor's degree in design along with at least 20 credits from a master course equivalent to the first course of the Child Culture programme, DEMCD1.

The overall theme of this course is play, perception and culture. The course contains components which throw light upon the concepts mentioned in conjunction with both children's culture and child culture. The course continues the construction of a platform of knowledge that was initiated during the course DEMCD1, via a series of lectures. In the course of this module, the students will be given the opportunity to practice the implementation of cross-scientific research results in their design projects.

The course provides an opportunity to deepen the knowledge about the design process and to develop the capacity for creativity through course components of a practical nature.

Entrance Requirements:
Bachelor's degree in design along with at least 20 credits from the first course of the Masterprogramme in Design, Child Culture Design DEMCD1, or equivalent. English proficiency equivalent of English studies at upper secondary level, English course B.

Applicants have to submit a portfolio, CV and/or a letter of intent according to the instructions given below.

COURSE START: January 17, 2012 until June 7, 2012 


How to apply ?

The application procedure is in two steps:

  1. First you have to register on-line at and send all official documents to: University Studies in Sweden, FE 1, SE-833 83 Stroemsund, Sweden. Read and follow the instructions at ”studera” carefully.
    The application code for this course is GU-75050
  2. After the on-line registration, you have to send your portfolio, CV and personal letter directly to:
    School of Design and Crafts (HDK), Box 131, SE-405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden. Please notice! If you are using delivery services the package has to be sent to the street address: School of Design and Crafts (HDK), Kristinelundsgatan 6-8, SE-411 37 Gothenburg, Sweden.

NB! The portfolio, CV and personal letter must reach School of Design and Crafts (HDK), no later than September 1, 2011.
Please mark your package/envelope and portfolio with the application code: GU-75050

What should the portfolio contain?
The portfolio should give a view of your artistic work and design skills. It should consist of materials that represent your skills and previous experience. You should not present more than 8 boards maximum size A3.
Digital material will not be accepted.
Please notice that HDK is not responsible for the portfolios, so please take out insurance on your portfolio if you find it necessary.

What should the personal letter contain?

You should explain the reason and the aims or your application, what you want to concentrate your studies on and what your future ambitions are.

TUITION FEE: Full course cost 96 250 SEK
Tuition fee does not apply for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students.

Further information on application and tuition fees:

The picture is a part of  MA degre work of Aida Abolahrar