Textile Art alumni exhibit in New Zealand

Textile Art by Jeanette Schäring

It started with Fibra Spirare: five textile artists from  New Zealand exhibited in Rydal, Sweden. The exhibition was curated by Jeanette Schäring, HDK alumni and Swedish textile artist, living and working in both Sweden and New Zealand.

Now, it’s time for the follow-up: RE-FIBRA: Contemporary Textile Art - A Dialogue Between New Zealand and Sweden. With the inclusion of Swedish artists and reworking of pieces by New Zealand artists, this exhibition continues the conversation about the current state of textile art to include input from New Zealand audiences and practitioners. Featuring the work of HDK alumni Victoria Andersson, Anna Eckert, Malena Karlsson and Jeanette Schäring and from New Zealand: Jacquelyn Greenbank, Ngahina Hohaia, Andrea Chandler and Genevieve Packer.

Exhibition period: 23/2 – 20/3

Place: Blue Oyster Art Project Space Dunedin, New Zealand


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