Sandin Bülow and Lydeen exhibit in Paris

Flower powe chair by Kersti Sandin Bülow

Kersti Sandin Bülow, research student and guest lecturer at  HDK and Niclas Lydeen, HDK alumni, is participating in the exhibition ”Mais où va le design suèdois?” at the Centre Culturel Suèdois in Paris.

Niclas is exhibiting a new Nordic perfume brand, which started as a graduation project at HDK - School of Design and Crafts, in cooperation with Christine Gustafsson, partner i n the design studio Sentral. Kersti Sandin Bülow paticipates with a flower-power-chair.

Exhibition period: 6/5- 26/7 2009
Place: Centre Culturel Suédois, 11 , rue Payenne, Paris

Read more at the website of the design studio Sentral

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NiclasLyden_374.jpgFoto: Mikael Göthage