Jeanette Schäring exhibits in New Zeeland

Detail of a creation made by Jeanette Schäring, HDKalumni

Jeanette Schäring, alumni from the HDK master programme in Applied Art, with specialisation Textile Art, lives in New Zeeland since a couple of months. She’s currently showing her sensuous sculptural landscapes in her exhibition ”Allotropy” at Toi Poneke Gallery in Wellington.

Jeanette Schäring uses the ancient practice of dyeing by steeping the material amid plant-life and micro-organisms for months at a time. Allotropy: the quality of certain substances to exist in more than one form.

- These organic sculptures reflect my strong interest in "the interconnectedness of all things", says Jeanette.

Exhibition period:  15/1-5/2

Artist Talk: 6pm Thursday 22 January

Place: Toi Poneke Gallery in Wellington, New Zeeland