In the Teacher Educaion Programme in sloyd at the University of Gothenburg, teachers are educated in a cohesive sloyd subject without divisions into kinds of sloyd as in the past.

Subject courses include crafts knowledge about different materials, with the focus on metal, textiles, wood and other materials. You will gain knowledge of appliances, tools and various crafts techniques, and of how you as a teacher can use these in your teaching. We also place great weight on your self-development within the creative working processes of crafting, from the development of ideas via problem solution to reflection and documentation.

In subject didactics, the learning processes of the students are dealt with in and through their sloyd activities. The working methods of sloyd are notable for the extensive influence had by the students, by concrete work and immediate, visible results – a thing that makes the subject of sloyd rather different from the teaching of other subjects. This in its turn makes special demands on teachers, and receives plenty of attention in subject didactics.

The practical part of the Programme comprises studies carried out with the help of local teacher trainers at one or more 9-year compulsory schools. Furthermore, it includes a component which is unique for this Programme, called Boarder-crossing Sloyd. This provides students with the opportunity of visiting and studying sloyd enterprises in another country. Previous students have visited Iceland, the United States, the Philippines, Norway and Kenya, for example.

Apart from subject studies, subject didactics and practical training, two degree projects are also included in your Programme.