Metal workshop

Workshops at Steneby

Metal workshop

You find the metal workshop in the buidling ”Svartbygget”. Technician Oskar Pettersson is running the workshop.

In the metal workshop of 1200 square meters (13000 sq. ft.) you'll find a variety of shop tools and machinery for all kinds of metal working.

We have 3 power hammers for hot metal forging and a hydraulic C-frame press for all kinds of metal forming and shaping, hot as well as cold.
You'll also find 9 coal fired forges in different sizes and 2 mobile propane-fired forges that can easily be moved around. We also have electric hardening and tempering kilns.
In our machining area we have drill presses, one vertical and one horizontal band saw, lathes and mills.

If you prefer to work with sheet metal we can offer a hydraulic shear, press brake, sheet rolling machines, shrink/stretch tools, plasma cutter, English wheels etc.
We do also have a well-equipped welding area where we offer MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA-stick welder, gas welding and a spot welder.
In our grinding room you'll find horizontal and vertical belt grinders, sand blaster cabinet, angle grinders, rotating file etc and if you want to give your art piece a certain patina you can paint it in our painting room or find a chemistry mixture that gives the expression you are looking for - we have a demo-display with tested blends. Or you could try your own recipe!

We cast in sand or ceramic shell moulds and melt bronze, copper, tin, aluminium etc. in our propane kiln.

If you prefer to work in big scale, then our workshop is the place to be! We have a 3.2 ton crane that reaches over the entire shop and a generous roof height.
Our material stock consists of different steel qualities and other metals in various dimensions: flat bars, square bars, angle bars, sheet, pipes, round bars, hollow profiles etc.

The level of safety is high when working with our machines.

Our technician is at your service whenever you need technical advice and will introduce you to our machinery.