Rikard Ahlin - Carriage

Alternative Growth

Rikard Ahlin - Carriage


by Rikard Ahlin

Location: Esperantoplatsen
Material: Hot forged rods, welded sheet metal
Measures: 1,3x3,4m

While the plant got its roots cut off, only to fit into the pot, the humans built walls, streets and tall buildings to be able to structure the chaos.

The plant grew until the roots hit the edge of the pot and lack of nutrient absorption made it impossible for it to grow higher. The streets echoed empty, as people found themselves behind walls and in buildings that they so proudly had built up. Here is a piece of chaos in the order. I hope you find it somehow useful.

The organic bars on the piece has been forged with the force of a pneumatic power hammer, then heated and wrapped together into an organic cluster which is welded to a round a container made out of rolled sheet metal. The foundation is made out of sheet metal and welded together to create the shape.