Remy Sorondo - Voyager

Alternative Growth

Remy Sorondo - Voyager


by Remy Sorondo

Location: Göteborgsoperan
Material: Steel tubing
Measures: 8x3,5m

Voyager is a sculpture made for the Alternative Growth project, which aimed to make a structure allowing greenery to grow vertically in order to have greenery on places in Gothenburg where you can’t have trees.

It is a Gärdesgård - a traditional fence typical in the Swedish countryside -  located in a city center, to make people aware of the rural exodus which happened during the industrial development in Gothenburg. In which people had to leave their homes to crash in a new world, the city. Then they had to somehow deconstruct themselves in order to adapt to their new environment.

I call it voyager mainly to remind about the situation back then, when it was really a trip in a new world. For me it’s closely related to what a lot of people are living nowadays. There is a link between what the elders past through a century ago - having to move or die- and what is happening to people around the world today.

Steel pipes bolted.