Niko Timonen - Rantaviiva

Alternative Growth

Niko Timonen - Rantaviiva


by Niko Timonen

Location: Rosenlundsbron
Material: Sheet metal, tubing and heat treated wood
Measures: 5,6x4,5m

On this project I was inspired by the circle; a simple geometrical form and the shape of the windows of the legendary Feskekörkan which is nearby my work. I knew that the design I was seeking should be something that has more uses and possibilities than to act just as a platform for vegetation and growth. My intention was to create a piece that could combine the plant growing and possibility for people to sit down and participate, a green resting place in the middle of the city.

I divided a circle in sectors which allowed a really flexible design. It has lots of possibilities for different spaces and purposes. All the independent sections can be rearranged into different shapes to fit a space according to its needs. The welded metal structure is long lasting and it gives the strength and appearance which could not be made in other materials.