Hanna Klinga

Alternative Growth

Hanna Klinga


by Hanna Klinga

Location: Skanstorget
Material: Hot forged and welded steel rod and sheet metal 

A place incognito requires an object incognito. 
In order to bring nature into the urban environment, without taking over the space I took my inspiration from the shapes and patterns in nature. I have worked to strengthen instead of changing the site's peculiarities. For me it is a quiet place, a place for contemplation and recovery, but in the center of the city noise.

The object, which is an insect, have withdrawn and re-become one with nature. She is resting quietly and heavy without interfering. You may not see her. You may sit down for a while, or just stop for a second. You might pass without noticing her, see her as a part of nature. She is there as something to discover and explore. And hopefully appreciate.