Gustavo Beuttenmuller - Grand Harp

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Gustavo Beuttenmuller - Grand Harp

Grand Harp

By Gustavo Beuttenmuller

Location: GöteborgsOperan
Material: Galvanized sheet metal and rebar
Measures: 2,7x3m

The Gothenburg Opera and my Grandfather were my inspiration for this artwork. The Opera got me through the music universe and the instruments, which are the tools for the musicians. My Grandfather had a huge connection with Sweden in the past and also a dream of having a Harp of his own, which never happened. The idea of connecting these two elements has driven me in the project.

The design has the influence of the industrial heritage of the city of Gothenburg. It somehow resembles the structure of the metal bridges and buildings.

To fabricate the harp I used an overhead projector to scale up my design on a wall and trace the outlines on a piece of 4mm steel sheet. Next step was to plasma cut all the blades. Then they were grinded, filed, sanded, drilled and assembled with hexagon bolts and nuts. After the body was finished, it was time to take care of the strings. Made out of 8mm rebar and connected with 10mm round pipes, they are also part of the structure. Last step was the galvanization to get this blurry silver finished.

So, here we have the Grand Harp.