Filip Wahlström - Cage

Alternative Growth

Filip Wahlström - Cage


By Filip Wahlström

Location: Kungstorget
Material: Rebar and sheet metal
Measures: 2x1m

The project started with a desire to make a protective barrier between the road and a place at the moat, popular with sun worshipers and shopping weary residents. I have an attitude towards parkland as something extremely censured of what nature really is. There is no such thing as free vegetation in an urban public space. The cage appeared as a symbol.  As a paved road which is broken up by the capillary force, a dandelion breaks through and creates life.

I have chosen to work with greatly oversized rebar to manufacture the cages. There is a brutality of the rebar. There is also a type of availability within the material. For me it’s a material that evokes associations.

In the cage there’s a pot to hold plants. I have tried to limit the size of the pot in order to maintain dominance of the cage. The volume of the pot is at a minimum for outdoor use.