The Art Library in Gothenburg

The Art Library is part of Gothenburg University Library and situated at HDK. The Library is open to public.

Visiting address: Kristinelundsgatan 6-8, Göteborg 

Phone: +46 31 786 6185

E-mail: konstbiblioteket [at] (konstbiblioteket [at] )

Library at Steneby

At Steneby there is an integrated University and Public Library. The library is open for everybody.

Visiting address: Enetsvägen 1, Dals Långed
Phone: 0531-710 40
E-mail: biblioteket [at]

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Image Database

We have access to the image database ARTstor. ARTstor contains more than 1 miljon images within fine art, crafts, architecture,  humanistics and social sciences. ARTstor also contains tools for management of the image material.