Jedi Creations

Examples of co-operation

Jedi Crerations, Thailand

Cooperation between: HDK; students from the design programmes and Jedi Creations in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
When: 1-5/3 2010
Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Responsible tutors at HDK:
Carl-Johan Skogh, carl.johan.skogh [at]
Johnny Friberg, johnny.friberg [at] 

Seven design students from the course "Products for Fair and Global Trade", went on a field trip to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. The purpose with the trip was for the students to get a deeper knowledge of the conditions that governs small-scale production in the South and be able to apply knowledge of design work in a context of scarce economic conditions and small-scale, artisanal production.

In Chiang Mai the students got an introduction of Jedi Creations, study visits to the artisans and one practical joint workshop with focus on product development of existing material. The materials they worked with were Bamboo and Saa Paper. The workshop resulted in a number of prototypes with  focus on children’s play and learning.

The field trip resulted in a multifaceted picture of the individual craftsman, the producer and the market. The students got experience from organizations that are structured and market driven but also those who are struggling to survive with limited resources.

Jedi Creations  is a Chiang Mai exporter of items made of local, environmentally friendly, natural materials. Jedi's objectives comprise social-economic development, environmental conservation and the principles of fair trade.