Meggi Sandell - Alumn



"Make use of all the possibilities!"

What did you do directly after you graduated from HDK?

– I exhibited my work ”Tills allt försvinner” (”Until everything disappears”) at Tokyo Style at Arlanda. This piece of work was also chosen or a series of exhibitions in Europe under the name “Languages”, arranged by the association called Think Tank, A European Initiative for the Applied Arts. At the same time I studied the History of Literature and worked with Göteborgs Internationella Konstbiennal (the International Art Biennial of Gothenburg).

What are you doing today?

– I’m active as an artist and project manager for the international art fair Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair. Every year we call together artdriven initatives from around the globe where artists networks and initiates new cooperations aswell as meet with thousands of visitors wanting to see contemporary art. We also arrange seminars around current issues within the artdriven scene.  

How did you end up there – how has your career path been like?

- As an artist, I’ve always had the attitude that I’m creating my own work. After graduating from HDK I traveled around and exhibited a lot, among others as Region Västra Götaland’s guest studio exhibitioner in China. Later I engaged in an artistdriven gallery in Stockholm, curated exhibitions with other artists and was a part of building Supermarket from an artists initative to a million turnover international platform. Nowadays, I take more and more interest in assignments in public space. 

During your study time, did you have some kind of strategy to influence your future career?

– No, not more than to try to feel what was really important to me. The time at HDK meant the opportunity – time and space – to be able to concentrate on my own artistry, with all possibilities offered. An important context. I have always chosen my own path, at the point of intersection between art and craft and academic theories.

Your strongest memory from HDK?

– The people and the materialized possibilities of the textile workshops and supply of materials, not forgetting the digital workshop.

What is the most important lesson from HDK-period? Any special tools/skills?

– I had the chance to take an extra year, between the 4th and 5th  year, where I divided my time between experimental work in the tricot workshop of the School of Textiles in Borås, and independent project studies at HDK. By doing this, knowledge in digital technique and queer theory was cross-fertilized with the knowledge in industrial production of jacquard. This led me into the developing of a new, unique method for jacquard knitting, which was artistically meaningful. 

If you were to give one advice to a prospective HDK-student – what would it be?

– Make use of all the possibilities you are offered! Equipment, knowledge, contacts… Make sure to get what you want and need, like special courses, workshops abroad or exchanges with other schools. Take the chance while you have it!  

Meggi Sandell

Job title: Artist

Born: 1973

Comes from: Danderyd, Sweden

Education at HDK: Textile Art

Graduated: 2004

Other education: 
Preparatory textile programme in Borås, preparatory art programme at Eskilstuna folkhögskola and academic studies in philosophy, the History of Literature, Peace- and Conflict studies, Gender studies, Chinese and History of Ideas at the Universities of Umeå, Gothenburg and Stockholm. After HDK I’ve had further education, in artistic research aswell as artistic formation in public space, at Konstfack and Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

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X-text (Korsstygnsbroderi)

Korsstygnen, x, visualiserar prefixet ex, i betydelsen ”före detta” texter. Åtta x-texter har köpts in av Västerås Konstmuseum.

X-text (Korsstygnsbroderi)

De tysta texterna ställer frågor om språkets gränser, censur och yttrandefrihet. Tankarna går till Wittgensteins tes ”Mitt språks gränser betyder min världs gränser”.

X-texter (Korsstygnsbroderi)

Text och textil har samma latinska ursprung. I en serie broderade, oläsbara X-texter har språket upplösts eller exproprierats.

Tills allt försvinner (Jacquardstickning)

Trikå är till sin natur skrämmande förgängligt - det räcker med att dra lätt i garnet för att maskorna ska lösas upp och försvinna. Betraktaren kan bli delaktig genom att repa upp stickningen, tills allt som återstår är en hög krusigt garn på golvet.

Reflektion (Jacquardstickning)

Belönades med juryns silvermedalj vid den 12:e Internationella Textiltriennalen i Lódz i Polen 2007.