Love Hultén - Alumn




"Don’t lock yourself in to a niche to early"

What did you do directly after you graduated from HDK?

– During my internship, I worked at a company. As soon as I graduated, I started my own business as a freelance and furniture designer. I wanted gain an understanding of how to, as my niche is very narrow.

How has your career path been like – what are you doing today?

– I’m still in the same path, were I combine electronics and woodwork. I build everything from computers to sound system and musical instruments. My customers are mostly from overseas, particularly in North America. I guess it's an economic issue, as my items are exclusive. But probably also it has to do with the fact that my retro futuristic work, with references from the 1950s and 60s, suits the Americans.

During your study time, did you have some kind of strategy to influence your future career?

– Well, not really, it's probably most a coincidence that I ended up where I did. Initially I had intended to study graphic design at the College of Arts in Stockholm. I chose HDK because of the access to all the workshops and during the first year, we had an intro course in the wood workshop, which I fell for. My only real strategy was to build knowledge of materials and to use the workshops as much as possible.

Did you get international experience during the study time/training that has been helpful in your career?

– Not directly, no. I have always worked independently and for me the access to workshops and expertise of teachers was important. I developed the most by experimenting by myself in the school premises.

Your strongest memory from HDK?

– During the second year we had a toy project where we had the opportunity to work with electronics in a way that I had never tried before. It was there I found the symbiosis between crafts and electronics.

What is the most important lesson from HDK-period? Any special tools/skills?

– I have learned a lot about exhibitions, although I might have appreciated a little more focus on entrepreneurship.

If you were to give one advice to a prospective HDK-student – what would it be?

– Make sure to use your time to explore materials and techniques. Don’t lock yourself in to a niche to early.

Love Hultén

Job title: designer

Born: 1984

Comes from: Göteborg, Sweden

Education at HDK: Bachelor in Design (five terms in Gothenburg, graduated from Steneby)

Graduated: 2014

Other education: Gothenburg School of Art

Web page: