Anna Melkersson - Alumn




“I loved the free access to the workshops”

What did you do directly after you graduated from HDK?

– I worked as a shoe designer at Clarks Originals in London.

What are you doing today?

– I’m working as a designer, teaches and run the company Knätofs with my colleague Maria Eld.

How did you end up there – how has your career path been like?

– I started as an employed shoe designer. Since then I have pursued a movie store in London, worked as a freelance designer, done teaching and a lot more. I have never been interested in making a career, but am more interested in trying out different materials and methods. I try to get more time to craft, as it was what attracted me from the start.

During your study time, did you have some kind of strategy to influence your future career?

– Yes and no, not until last year when I went a year at Cordwainers College to learn more about shoe design and manufacturing. During the other years I had no specific plans on what careers would be or mean.

Did you get international experience during the study time/training that has been helpful in your career?

– Yes. Both an exchange semester in Berlin, where Vivienne Westwood was a professor, and a year at Cordwainers College in London.

Your strongest memory from HDK?

– Well, probably our Valborgspub [Walpurgis pub], which was a huge success! Our class collected money to a textile trip to India. Moreover, I loved the free access to the workshops, the environment and the people.

What is the most important lesson from HDK-period? Any special tools/skills?

– It is important to learn to take responsibility and help oneself to what is offered, and again I have to say that the free access to the workshops is important.

If you were to give one advice to a prospective HDK-student – what would it be?

– Cooperate, try as much as possible and have fun!

Anna Melkersson

Job title: Designer 

Born: 1972

Comes from: Mjölby, Sweden 

Education at HDK: product design 

Graduated: 2000

Other education: Nyckelviksskolan, Lidingö; artistic education, Örebro; design school, Linköping

Web page: