Vision & Strategy

Vision & Strategy

HDK's aim is to be one of the most attractive and stimulating art university colleges in Europe by means of:

  • Reinforcing the artistic and practical bases of education and research

  • Being supportive during the course of our students' development into artistically robust professionals with courage, independence and a disposition towards experimental, reflective and critical thinking

  • Clarifying the essence of the artistic way of working and its significance in a humane and democratic society

  • Promoting our students' and researchers' allround outlook, social commitment and responsibility with regard to caring for cultural, social and physical resources

  • Promoting our students' and researchers' desire for multidisciplinary cooperation and international contacts

  • Being a hub in the cultural and economic life of the region in close connection with the potential fields of professional activity of our students and researchers

  • Being a visible and easily accessible arena for our students' and researchers' ideas and achievements

  • Cultivating an open and positive working climate characterized by job satisfaction, respect and a tolerant, egalitarian, cosmopolitan attitude