HDK today

HDK today

”I wanted to go to HDK becuase it's a school with an open mind, which gives students the possibility to develop their own ideas. The time here has given me totally new perspectives on how to combine art and textile design.”

— Student from Slovenia

”I was impressed by the projects and the co-operation with the industry. In my home school most of the projects are only based inside the school.”

— Student from Australia

Dare, care, be curious.

Welcome to the Academy of Design and Crafts.


The Academy of Design and Crafts is usually called HDK, an abbreviation of the Swedish name. We are more than 160 years old and are rooted in a long tradition, at the same time as we are constantly developing. At HDK future designers, craftsmen, artists,  teachers in visual arts and sloyd gather in the same building as doctoral students and researchers.HDK is a part of the University of Gothenburg, one of the major Universities in Europe and Sweden's first Faculty of Fine Applied and Performing Arts.

On July 1 2012 the new HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts was created when Steneby - the School of Craft and Design in the city of Dals Långed merged with HDK in Gothenburg. 

The HDK Design Programmes are unique in the Nordic countries with their open structure, making it possible for different competences and cultures to co-operate. The base of Applied Arts is the practical, artistic work. Using this base we have theory and discussions within Jewellery Art and Design, Textile Art and Ceramic Art. Through Visual Arts and Sloyd, two  Teacher's Training Programmes, we contribute to further development of the field for coming teachers in Visual Art and Sloyd. HDK is also part of Sweden's only Research School based on artistic ground.

The characteristic HDK student is curious, has artistic talent and the courage to question. At HDK they are encouraged to combine creativity with responsibility, the will to conquer professional skills and to combine them with social commitment. They are also given the chance to deepen their knowledge and at the same time get an understanding of complex entireties. We care about each other, about what's happening in society and we want to make an impact. Amongst other things, we do this by co-operating with companies, organizations, municipalities, cultural institutions and other educational programmes.

HDK is in the heart of Gothenburg, next to the Röhsska museum for design & crafts. At HDK future designers, craftsmen, artists and teachers in Visual Arts and Sloyd, gather in the same building as researchers and PhD students.