The HDK building

The HDK environments

HDK is situated in the heart of Gothenburg and at Steneby in Dals Långed.

In both locations , we have lecture rooms, work shops, studios, library, café, exhibition hall and workrooms for students and staff. Being a student at HDK, you are provided with an individual work place and 24-hour access to the shool's facilities.This is our way of showing we trust our students and respect their study conditions.

During the years, the building in Gothenburg has been adapted to the changes of the school and extensions have been made. The main entrance has been reconstructed to open up even more for visitors and make it easier to enter with both wheelchair and pram. 

Two new textile workshops was built at Steneby this spring and a CNC milling machine is being installed ath the moment.

If you open the picture show you’ll se some pictures from our educational environments